Holiday Studio - Billings Bridge
Time flies. Memories Fade.
Photographs are forever.

Preserving your memories forever with professional portrait photography on the main level at entrance #5 Billings Bridge Shopping Centre, Ottawa, Ontario Canada.




1. Headshot Ottawa Studio

Our Personal Branding Headshot Studio for professionals, actors and musicians.

2. Seasonal Studio

Fun and creatively themed event studio that includes
Spring, Summer, Halloween and Christmas at promotional rates.

3. Classic Studio

Our bright, wide & tall, portrait studio for Families,
Groups, Couples, Weddings, Individuals, Fashion, Artists and Athletes.

4. Rich Colour Studio

Designed for Individuals and Couples including
Baby, Legacy, School, Pet, Bridal, Engagement, Wedding, Fashion, Dramatic Artists and Cosplayers.

Online reservations are available using Acuity via each session type's website page.


Frank Fenn - Owner/Photographer Holiday Studio by IDEA3
Frank Fenn is an Ottawa-born and raised photographer and an award-winning shopping centre marketing director whose "why" is creating and capturing moments to make them last forever by bringing people together and preserving memories for future generations.