A fun conversation about a 5 minute vs 10 minute reservation

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I just got off the phone from someone who had a great question about whether they are obligated to reserve a 10-minute appointment because they have 4 children. The answer is "no, not if they know they have less time and their children aren't that talkative"

To be fair, I didn't articulate what I mean when I say "designed for 1 to 3 visitors"...so I'll try better here!



Visitor: there are two types of visitors

a) Present Visitor: someone who is going to be present in the studio (active photography space) when visiting with Santa but not necessarily speaking with Santa
b) Active Visitor: someone who is going to be actively speaking with Santa

We need to know the total number of present visitors (people) coming for the reservation so that we can plan for not going over the space's capacity limit. And we need to know how many people will be talking with Santa so that we can budget the timing of each family's visit so that we don't run over and delay the next family by too much.

But :)

Parents know their children best. Some children are shy, some talk a lot, some people want to make videos and some may meltdown. If you think you can bring four children in for a 5-minute appointment then please reserve that amount of time - knowing that each will have less time to talk with Santa. 

The 10-minute reservation is "designed for" 1 to 8 (active) visitors. Again, some children are talkative and others will need time to adjust emotionally to meeting the man in red. You may also want a lot of combinations - each child beside Santa, a family portrait, grandparent combinations, you may be wanting to cosplay or reenact a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post style portrait - with 10 minutes you have the time!


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