Rescheduling or Canceling your Reservation

November 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We live in different times than we did before and sometimes, after deciding on a date, your plans need to change too.

Life comes before everything else.

What if you're going to be late?
We are flexible. Whether it is weather, traffic or meltdown related if you show up within the times that Santa is in we will move people around. Fact is, when someone has been late by a minute we move the next available visitor into that time slot and hope that you will show up (we "make it up in the air").
What if you cannot make it when Santa is in? Again, flexible - send an email to Frank Fenn ([email protected]) and he will move your "old reservation" to another date and send you a new confirmation email and you can reschedule to a better date/time.

Rescheduling: sometimes there is a COVID19 outbreak at your child's school, or you now have another commitment, no problem. At the bottom of your confirmation of reservation, there are buttons that you can press to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you cancel then you are out of the loop but if you click on reschedule you will be able to pick a new date and time. 

Cancelling: just like rescheduling if you click the cancel button your appointment is gone. We then receive an email from our scheduling provider that says you cancelled your appointment and, at the end of the day we manually go into our financial/credit card clearance provider's portal and issue full refunds. You can cancel up to 6 hours in advance. NOTE: because there are multiple layers of applications involved in issuing refunds your refund credit can take upwards of 7 business days to show up on your statement.



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