Where to visit Santa

December 10, 2021

Holiday Studio charges a full upfront fee to reserve a Santa Claus Experience

From the logistics and software for making reservations to the professional empathic staff (greeter, photograph uploader, photographer and yes, even Santa Claus) all are paid for from proceeds of reservations. Holiday Studio is a locally owned and independently operated company headed by Frank Fenn whose years of experience and months of planning have been dedicated to building an intimate experience for families at Hazeldean Mall and Billings Bridge. Unfortunately, this means we need to charge an upfront fee with the end result being professionally created photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.

We understand if you feel that you shouldn't "have to pay to see Santa" so we want you to know that you have options with the different experiences other places offer.

Santa Claus Experiences in Ottawa (not associated with Holiday Studio)

Bayshore Shopping Centre

Carlingwood Shopping Centre

St Laurent Shopping Centre

Rideau Centre

Place D'Orleans

Cabelas in Kanata


Thank you for your consideration and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Frank Fenn