School Portraits in Ottawa

January 21, 2022


My favourite pictures are when people share the fun side of their nature. This can come easily for some (like Savannah shown here in pictures we made last night) but the key to capturing these moments is providing a comfortable environment.

1. all School Portrait and Portrait sessions are private - each is by appointment with the studio belonging to the person/family during their reserved time

2. parents are present and encouraged to engage in the session with comfort items (or props) at the ready

3. music is by your choice - if we know the kind of music you like, we'll have it on in the background

4. attention spans may be short and being photographed can be exhausting - so we make the session times come in time blocks (School Portrait Sessions are 15-minute reservations)

5. an open set up - the studio area is kept moderately lit with few distractions in a wide-open space for safe social distancing

6. organized - there is an area to put your belongings down, hang your coats up and check yourselves in the mirrors (there is also a bathroom available). Our studio area, cameras & lighting are prepared and tested before you arrive.

7. to get the best possible results we make pictures of one person per reservation; if you have more than one child please make a separate reservation for each (and bring something that they can entertain themselves while they wait for their session).

For more information on the School Portrait Sessions we offer please visit